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Inside the Largest Underserved Area Expansion of All-Time

How CUCollaborate helped grow GECU's field of membership from under one million potential members to over five million.

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The Aim: Expand FOM While Retaining Current Service Area

  • Having attained a high level of market penetration within its community, GECU was looking for new, innovative ways to grow its field of membership.
  • However, under its state community charter rules, expansion options were severely limited by geography.

The Strategy: Charter Conversion & Underserved Area Additions

  • Step one: The conversion to a federal multiple common bond charter, allowing the credit union to surpass geographic restraints in both Texas and neighboring New Mexico.
  • Step two: The addition of seven underserved areas, completely redrawing the CU's service area.

The Outcome:
Expanding FOM by 1,278%

  • GECU ultimately was approved for both the conversion and to add six underserved rural districts and one underserved local community with a combined population of 5.1 million.
  • Additionally, the credit union's entire original FOM remains eligible for membership.

"GECU and CUCollaborate made history together!"
—Crystal Long, GECU CEO

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