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Help Consumers Discover Their Perfect Credit Union

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Eligibility Validation

Our credit union finder validates a potential member's information against your affiliated credit union field of membership to confirm which credit unions they are eligible to join. You never have to question whether someone is eligible again. Anytime a potential member completes our eligibility workflow, both the credit union and the member will be notified how the individual is eligible to join.

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Built in Analytics

DiscoverCU tracks a user during their application process to determine where potential members are dropping off. The DiscoverCU dashboard displays analytics around the number of impressions, searches and leads allowing you to communicate the value you have created for your affiliated credit unions as a whole or individually.

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Support Multiple Credit Unions

Our software allows you to specify a list of credit unions to be considered for possible matches when a consumer fills out the lead form. The chosen credit union is automatically notified and sent the person's information.

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Fully Customizable

DiscoverCU can be easily integrated into your website with your branding guidelines. With multiple ways to integrate the software, setup couldn't be easier. The software allows you to collect the information you find important.

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Increase Affiliate Membership!

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Maximize your marketing ROI through process improvement and data analytics. All the analytics you need to report to your affiliate credit unions are located in a central dashboard.

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Understand your marketing results more thoroughly. With the ability to add your advertising tracking codes and pixels, you can track a potential lead from start to finish.

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Comprehensively check a potential member's eligibility by answering a few questions. As field of membership rules change, it can be challenging to understand every way someone can join one of your credit union affiliates. Worry no more!


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