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Select Employee Group Prospecting Tool

Select employee group (SEG) prospecting comes down to two categories: geographic and demographic data. Geographic prospecting refers to selecting potential SEGs from a list of companies that are close to one of your locations.  How close these employers are, however, may not fit the demographics of the potential members you would like to market to. This is where demographics comes in.

Demographic prospecting can be separated into two groups: company and employee demographics. Company demographics focuses a prospecting search around a specific industry or current relationships to a current SEG such as a contractor. Employee demographics is a strategy of focusing on certain marketing personas and targeting those companies based on their employee profile. An example would be looking for a blue-collar worker that has a high credit score.

Once you establish the demographics your business development team will focus on, you should leverage a database to generate a prospecting list of potential SEGs. CUCollaborate has created a SEG prospecting tool that allows you to filter based on your preferred demographics to find SEGs that meet your ideal market.


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Filter Database of Organizations

CUCollaborate's SEG Prospecting Tool contains a database of thousands of employers. You can sort through the database based on a variety of characteristics including: Employer name, type, number of employees and distance from one of your branches.

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Determine if a SEG is Serviced by Another Credit Union

With our comprehensive database of credit unions' field of membership, you can determine whether a SEG is being serviced by another credit union as well as that credit union's name.

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Export List of Potential SEGs

Once you filter through our database of organizations, you can export an excel document with all the existing information we have to support your prospecting efforts.

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Backed by an amazing support team

We are always happy to help you solve whatever issues you may be experiencing with our credit union software. We will work with you to create an efficient process to add additional SEGs to your field of membership.

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Simplify the SEG Application Process

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With everything online, we can better ensure the accuracy of each application. You'll no longer have to manually complete any forms. With the option to customize your forms, your perspective select groups will complete the form with ease.

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The select employee group application leverages our database of credit union branches, ATMs, field of membership, and our integration into CO-OP’s network of shared branches and ATMs in order to search for other credit union relationships. Find a match? We will generate the overlap letters for you.

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We will correctly complete the appropriate 4015 form and dynamically generate a signed SEG letter, which will be sent to your business development team. Your team will then be given the next steps, as well as valuable information, such as the distance between your prospective select group and the closest service facility.

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