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Expand Effectively

CUCollaborate has a variety of software tools to can help you expand your field of membership and streamline your processes. We can help you overcome any of your problems. Contact us today to learn more!

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ExpandCU is credit union mapping software that helps every kind of credit union, better understand their membership, identify how to best expand field of membership, where to place branches, ATMs, or other service facilitates, and research third party service networks. Whether small or large, federal or state chartered, multiple common bond or community focused, ExpandCU assists credit unions in identifying how best to grow and service existing members. It can identify the optimal area a credit union's regulator will approve or the optimal organizations for the credit union’s business development team to attract as new SEGs. ExpandCU can also generate an amendment application instantly.


CUCollaborate’s mission is to help credit unions accelerate growth while reducing expenses and risk. One way we accomplish this is by helping more consumers find, join, and borrow from credit unions. CUCollaborate offers JoinCU to credit union leagues and associations looking to support and grow credit union membership. JoinCU is our consumer eligibility validation solution.

SEG Application

We streamline the SEG application process so you can spend more time focused on expanding your membership. The application makes it easier and less confusing for select groups to complete all of the necessary paperwork when applying to become a SEG. It also automates completion of all of the necessary paperwork on the credit union’s side as well. Once a perspective group completes the form, you will receive an email with completed copies of the proper documentation including a signed SEG request letter and completed 4015 document, making the select employee group eligible much quicker than by doing this process manually.