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State to Federal Charter Conversion-1

State to Federally Chartered Conversion Checklist

Download our checklist that will walk you step by step on converting from a state to federal credit union charter!

Converting from a state to a federally chartered credit union?

The Federal Credit Union Act imposes just two basic conditions on a state chartered credit union that wishes to convert to federal charter (1) demonstrate compliance with state law and (2) file an organization certificate with NCUA.

NCUA’s chartering rules impose significant additional conditions. Those conditions are set forth in Chapter 4, Subchapter II of the chartering rules, codified at 12 CFR Part 701, Appendix B. The numerous required forms are found on pages 3-24 of this document.

Access our Step by Step Checklist by filling out the form above, and learn more about how CUCollaborate can guide you through the process of converting a charter.