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Credit Union Board Research Cover

Credit Union Boards of Directors Demographic Research

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Credit Union Boards of Directors: Board Size, Gender, Race, and Institutional Performance, 2012-2021

"This research is critical in helping to identify the impact of board diversity on credit unions' ability to effectively serve the needs of their whole communities."
Foreword to the report by Jill Nowacki, President/CEO Humanidei

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This report quantifies the current state and recent evolution of women’s and minority representation on credit union boards. It also explores the extent to which there are (or aren’t) links between women’s and minority representation and several key measures of member-centric and financial performance.

The paper was produced by CUCollaborate Chief Economist Luis Dopico, PhD and Data Analyst Moriah Taylor and sponsored by Jill Nowacki of Humanidei.

National Credit Union Administration board member and call report data was analyzed in conducting the study.

Among the report's key findings are that minority and women’s representation on credit union boards of directors can contribute to greater lending inclusion and asset growth. Both these groups, however, remain underrepresented among directors across the industry.


Reaction to the Report

"This is an impressive piece of research that makes a significant contribution to our understanding of credit union corporate governance, especially the influence of corporate boards on performance and economic behavior."
William E. Jackson III, PhD, Professor of Management and Professor of Finance, University of Alabama

"The Board Report exhibits exceptional workmanship. This is the most comprehensive treatment on the topic of credit union board diversity published. This is a must read for those serious about governance.”
Maurice R. Smith, CEO, Local Government Federal Credit Union