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Reach New Members

You can hire us to be your marketing support. We can help preform a variety of marketing tasks. If you are interested in learning more, fill out the form or call us at  (202) 831-2500

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IP Based Marketing

IP targeting is a form of marketing that uses location data to deduct reasonable actions of the buyer. Our IP ad targeting can identify potential credit union members by discovering where they work, live and worship from their IP locations. We can do this by using a software that purchases location data from different applications such as Candy Crush. This location data can then be compared to a set of rules to determine a variety of characteristics related to the user. 

We can determine where someone likes to shop, eat, and gather more intelligence on their lifestyle so you can better market to them. This data allows you to have a higher ROI from being more targeted. Once one person is tagged, the software can then target other family members over wifi. This creates multiple marketing opportunities for you to convert new potential credit union members within your field of membership. The marketing possibilities are endless and we can help you navigate capturing the right data points. 

Paid Advertising

Includes a website audit and optimization, setting up and monitoring ad accounts, monthly reports on advertising ROI, and ad spend. This will ensure that when a lead comes to your credit union’s website we will be able to capture their information.

Lead Strategy

Includes the designing and implementing of a strategy to capture more leads and better understand your credit union’s target audience. Your credit union will also receive an in-depth analysis of the leads generated and recommendations for improvement. CUCollaborate will implement these changes if approved. This would allow your team to fully understand where potential customers are coming from and how to create leads outside of paid advertising.

Direct Mail

Includes work to design and edit the copy and walkthroughs of implementing a direct mailer strategy. This will allow your credit union to serve timely messages to individuals in the market for a loan or other financial services.

Website Management

Includes new pages, copywriting, editing and customizations. This will allow your team to make sure content is up to date and optimized properly for organic search results.


Includes collaboration on a new name, logo and style guide. The CUCollaborate team will also work with your team to create a strategy around a potential new rebrand and create a brand asset document to make sure everything is transitioned properly.