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Select the Right Technology Partner(s)

We pride ourselves on our unique vendor data analytics. Our Core Processor Evaluation Service leverages this proprietary data to ensure your credit union selects the “right” technology solution(s) that fit your unique needs.

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Evaluation Approach:
"Core Data Processor - Plus" 

Picking the right core processor system is the most important technology decision that a credit union makes not only due to the system's performance, but also because when you choose a core system, you are also indirectly choosing the range of ancillary technologies that collectively determine your institution's success or failure. That is why at CUCollaborate, our System Evaluation not only includes your core processor system but also every ancillary application within your credit union. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Mobile Banking
    • Internet Banking
    • Online Bill Pay
    • Content Management
    • Credit and Debit Card Processors
    • Statement Processors
    • Payment Processing
    • Loan Origination
    • Account Opening, etc.
One of the biggest factors that can affect a credit union’s bottom-line is its use of technology. Leveraging CUCollaborate’s proprietary vendor analytics, our consultants provide you with quantifiable vendor solutions that integrate (not interface) with your selected core system. The result is improved efficiency across your credit union.

As the world becomes more and more digital, having the right technology–not just the right core processor–can be fundamental to a credit union’s survival. Our proprietary vendor analytics enable CUCollaborate to provide our clients with not only a suggested core system based on assets and peers but also a comprehensive view of numerous vendor scenarios. The result is a tailored package for your Credit Union’s goals and objectives.

CUCollaborate’s System Evaluation Services powered by our Vendor Analytics will improve your institutions Efficiency Ratio, Operating Expenses over Average Assets, Members per Employee, Loan Originations to Employee, Return on Assets and cost of Technology per Member.

At CUCollaborate, we have streamlined the System Selection Process. We do not produce 300-page Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Instead we focus on what is most important to you. This not only eliminates unnecessary questions, but it is also decreases the burden on the vendor community. We provide portals for gathering client information as opposed to maxing out your inbox and our vendor demos are scheduled online.

All System Selections are major undertakings but at CUCollaborate we strive to employ a more value-based, efficient process so you can continue moving your credit union forward and providing members the service they deserve.
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